What size is the U-Pack moving trailer?

The external dimensions of most moving trailers are 28 ft. x 8 ft. by 9 ft. (LxWxH). Internal dimensions are 324 in. x 96 in. x 108 in. (LxWxH), making full-trailer capacity of approximately 1,944 cubic feet.







U-Pack trailers are significantly larger than most rental trucks. In fact, loading space inside the trailer is equivalent in size to a 26 ft. rental truck, plus a 10 ft. rental truck with some space still left over. You can estimate how much space you will use in the trailer with this handy Space Estimator tool.

Your shipment will be loaded in the front of the trailer. Any space you do not use will be separated by the bulkhead we provide and used for commercial freight. The trailer sits approximately 48 inches off the ground, and U-Pack offers complimentary ramps for loading and unloading. The ramp is 2 feet wide, allowing for the use of a standard-size moving dolly.

For parking, you'll need approximately 40 feet of length (3-4 parking spaces). Trailers require an overhead clearance of 14 feet.

As far as weight goes, a 28-foot trailer can legally haul 22,500 lbs., but only if the weight is evenly distributed. We estimate that a linear foot of household goods typically weighs around 450-500 lbs. That means a trailer full of household goods would weigh around 12,600 lbs. (a far cry from the 22,500 lbs. it's capable of holding.) 

Read more about the trailer here, or watch this video: