What if I have no room for parking?

If you have absolutely no parking space available for your trailer or ReloCube on moving day, you can still move with U-Pack. Here are other options to consider:

  • Find an alternate location for parking, such as a neighboring street or parking lot.
  • Talk with a U-Pack moving specialist about a same-day delivery/pick-up or live load. A same-day is where U-Pack delivers the equipment to you and picks it up within the same day. This is ideal for properties that don’t allow overnight parking. A live load is where the driver stays with the equipment while you load. This may be ideal for those who have a small apartment and temporary parking.
  • Bring your belongings to U-Pack and save money. By doing a terminal-to-terminal move, you can avoid parking issues altogether. On average, customers who choose the terminal-to-terminal option save $300 on their move.

Call a U-Pack representative at 844-700-5478 to discuss your options if you have no room for parking.