Where does U-Pack park my trailer or ReloCube®?

U-Pack equipment can be parked in a residential driveway, an approved parking lot, or in a legal street parking area. The height of a trailer requires a 14 feet clearance with a width clearance requirement of 10 feet. If moving in a trailer, please ensure that parking a 28-foot trailer in your neighborhood is not violating any city ordinances.

ReloCubes are approximately 6'3"D x 7'W x 8'4"H and only take up a parking space worth of room which makes it easy to find a suitable location for them while you pack and load. Delivery requires a level, hard surface for placement at your location.

If necessary, obtain a permit or permission from city officials to have the unit parked at your residence. If the equipment is ticketed or towed for illegal parking, the applicable charges will be added to your freight bill.