Can I put a lock on the moving trailer or ReloCube?

Yes, you can put a lock on both the moving trailer and ReloCube.

For the moving trailer, you can place your own lock on the trailer while it’s at your location. A standard padlock will work. The lock must be removed before the trailer is picked up. If you won’t be present when the trailer is picked up, you’ll need to notify the local service center where the key is hidden or the combination of the lock. Whether you are present or not, the driver must be able to access the inside of the trailer before taking it away to verify and record on the Bill of Lading how much space was used inside. While your shipment is in transit, U-Pack will provide a lock for the trailer.

For the ReloCube, you can put your own lock on the container and keep the key throughout the move. Your belongings will stay locked and secure until you’re ready to unload. A key or combination lock is recommended.

Click here to buy a padlock from the U-Pack box store that can be used on the trailer or ReloCube.